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Where there is a need to move or rotate an engine or heavy object, the Benco range of engine stands from The Brixworth Engineering Co Ltd provide handling capacities between 760kg and 20 tonnes. The extensive Benco range has been specified by major engine and gearbox manufacturers, as well as many service companies including those involved with race car engineering.

Other general engineering applications involving large, awkward or heavy components can also be accommodated, and Brixworth have provided stands for jig and fixture assembly of aerospace components such as wing sections.

Testimony to the longevity and build quality of Brixworth products is the fact that the very first engine stand they supplied in 1966 is still providing excellent service. Their product range has been developed considerably over the years and now enjoys a worldwide reputation for the ease, simplicity and safety of rotational handling of heavy, out-of-balance loads with backlash-free movement. The convenience and accessibility provided for assembly, service and maintenance operations ensures maximum production efficiency. Whereas the ease of movement and safety while handling heavy loads complies with the highest level of regulations covering industrial working practices.

Many models can be supplied as floor mounted or mobile units, the latter providing the facility for easy relocation of work in progress to other stations. Some models also offer an adjustable column, providing a spindle height that can be set from 760mm up to 1110mm. Heavy items can be manipulated through 360º in one plane and 90º in the other. Depending on the application, the rotational movements of the stands can be controlled electrically, pneumatically or hydraulically.

Although a comprehensive selection of standard models is available, Brixworth has considerable experience of designing and manufacturing bespoke engine stands, specifically to suit customer unique applications. They can supply site surveys and engineers to evaluate any specialised requirements, ensuring that an effective solution is supplied in the most cost-effective manner.

The company is also now further extending its design and manufacturing facilities to embrace an entire range of specialised mechanical handling systems and devices, adding to its already impressive range of products and services.