Press Releases



The Komatsu Reman organisation have taken delivery of two Benco purpose built engine positioner units from Brixworth Engineering Company Ltd for their European Remanufacturing Facility based in Birtley, County Durham. Each positioner facilitates building of remanufactured engines up to three tons in weight and ranging from 3.2 litres (54hp/40kW) up to units of 23.2 litres (774hp/580kW) in size. The units were designed to comply with specific customer requirements and were delivered within eight weeks of order.

As well as a full 360° rotation, the positioners also incorporate hydraulically operated height adjustment even when fully loaded. This ensures that rebuild technicians can position and reposition an engine at any stage of the rebuild process using no more than the power of a finger on the positioner controls. With adjustments achieved both quickly and effortlessly, it is simple to manipulate the workpiece to establish the most comfortable, convenient and therefore most productive working conditions. Both height and rotational position adjustments are infinitely variable, with raise/lower movements taking place at the rate of 2 metres/min and rotation at the speed of 2 rpm. Workpieces are automatically locked in place at any chosen location of the positioner to achieve and maintain the safest working environment.

Previous positioners used for this work relied upon manual or mechanical adjustment procedures, without the advantage of additional changes in height. This not only took longer to achieve optimum working conditions, but also meant that the difference in physical stature of technicians was never successfully accommodated. The new positioners have eliminated any incidence of overstretching or low bending by operatives, irrespective of their height, to comply with the highest levels of good working practice.

The engines rebuilt at Komatsu Reman are used exclusively on construction plant and equipment, including bulldozers, wheel loaders, excavators and dump trucks etc. Engines are the most complex and important part of the power train, and subject to the highest demands of performance and reliability. The Komatsu remanufacturing process is designed to produce engines to the same standards and performance of new products while also upgrading to the latest technical specifications.

The Benco positioners have been part of a Komatsu policy for continuous investment in the latest technology to maintain the highest levels of reliability and performance for their products. As a result, Brixworth have now also been asked to look at additional positioners to be used in the Komatsu transmission rebuild projects.