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The Brixworth Engineering Co Ltd are justifiably proud that their first load manipulator (the Benco engine stand), designed and manufactured over 40 years ago, which is still giving sterling service. From that initial concept, the company have refined and developed products now capable of efficiently, effectively and safely handling unit loads of up to 20 tons.

These products combine ease of operation with complete safety of load manipulation, while providing maximum access to supported workpieces for production assembly projects as well as general service and repair operations. The original engine stand was easily adapted to accommodate other power train products including gearboxes and transmissions, and over time has also been successfully used for other industrial workpieces including aero wing assemblies, excavator buckets, oil exploration drill bits, precious metal ingot moulds, sailing craft, pre-fabricated buildings and many other applications too diverse to list in full.

The two most popular Benco stands currently available are the model 950 and 976. These are claimed to save up to 50% man hours by eliminating non-productive handling procedures, while complying with all current working practice and safety regulations to minimise the dangers of personal injuries resulting from man-handling heavy unit loads. Over 5000 of the Benco engine stands have been manufactured for use in over 20 countries throughout the industrialised world.

The 950 model is suitable for loads up to 760kg, with the 976 accommodating weights of 1520kg maximum. Floor mounted and mobile versions of both models can be supplied, with detachable pull tugs enabling fully loaded mobile stands to be easily moved between workstations.

Stands with adjustable spindle heights, providing increased swing diameter clearance for bulkier loads can also be supplied. In all cases a light hand pressure is all that is required to achieve load rotation. A full 360° movement is possible, with a 40:1or 80:1 ratio worm drive (on the 950 and 976 models respectively), ensuring that speed of rotational movement is always fully controlled.

Powered load movement (electric/pneumatic/hydraulic) can be provided, including variable speed spindle height adjustment, together with positional locking of loads when workpieces have reached the most convenient height or degree of rotation for optimum working conditions. Purpose designed stands for oversized, awkwardly shaped or heavy workpieces up to 20 tons can also be manufactured to order.