Benco 825 Mobile Engine Stand

Benco 825 Mobile Engine Stand

For automotive engines and transmissions up to 400Kg.

Originally designed for passenger car engine and transmissions, the Benco 825 Turnover stand has been adapted to accommodate a host of various applications. It remains based upon the basic rugged design of our existing range of Turnover stands and rotation is achieved using a worm and wheel to give a smooth rotation throughout a full 360 degrees. The drive can be to the side or at the rear in line with the output shaft depending on any specific requirements. This can be locked by an indexing plunger that engages directly onto the worm gear. The final drive spindle is mounted on taper roller bearings for both a ease of rotation and longer life.

Mobile stands have two fixed and two swivel castor fitted with foot brakes to prevent any unintentional movement. This enables the stand to be moved around the workshop even when loaded.

Adjustable height stands use a hydraulic pump and cylinder to provide the lift which is guided by roller bearings to give a ridged, smooth height adjustment.

For mounting onto the stand we offer a range of mounting bracket which include universal mounting for either horizontal or vertical faces.

As with all Benco products these can be supplied as a standard or alternatively manufactured to suit your specific requirements.

Benco 825 mobile stand

Benco 825 adjustable height or stand

Adjustable height or stand alone gear head

For smaller jigs and fixtures the Benco 825 can be adapted to mount to our adjustable height base frame (which can also be mounted on a mobile base frame) or used as a stand alone gear head to attach to your own equipment.

Benco 825 Maximum Loading