Engine Stands

Engine StandsBenco engine stands are suitable for newbuild, repair and refurbishment operations, and with load capacities available up to 25,000kg, they are particularly suited for work on engines and gearboxes from a wide range of public transport equipment, covering rail, road and air, as well as gen sets, static engines and drive units from heavy construction plant.

Benco stands can save up to 50% man hours by eliminating non-productive handling procedures, while complying with all current working practice and safety regulations to minimise the dangers of personal injuries resulting from the manual handling of heavy unit loads. Over 5000 of the Benco engine stands have been manufactured for use in over 20 countries throughout the industrialised world.

Smaller stands are also available, covering weight capacities up to 750kg, as well as floor mounted or mobile units, the latter providing the facility for easy relocation of work-in-progress to other stations. Some models also offer an adjustable column, providing a spindle working height that can be set from 760mm up to 1110mm. Heavy items can be manipulated through 360º in one plane and 90º in the other. Depending on the application, the rotational movements of the stands can be controlled electrically, pneumatically or hydraulically.

Although a comprehensive selection of standard models are available, Brixworth has considerable experience of designing and manufacturing bespoke engine stands and other handling equipment, specifically to suit customer unique applications. We can undertake site surveys and provide engineers to evaluate any specialised requirements, ensuring that an effective solution is supplied in the most cost-effective manner.

Adaptor plates

We manufacture a comprehensive range of over 100 adapter plates to suit standard engines, gearboxes and differentials. These plates act as the mounting interface between the unit being rotated and the Benco engine stand.

On most engines weighing up to 3000 Kg the adaptor plate is attached to one side to ensure maximum access to all parts of the engine. This assembly is then bolted to the standard Benco mounting flange on our 900, 950, 976 and 1000 engine stands. Above this weight we manufacture a range of double-ended engine stands - the adaptor plates being either bolted to both ends or in the form of a saddle attachment.

Over the years there have been times when customers’ requirements have not been met by our expanding standard range of plates so we provide a "custom made" adaptor plate service for special applications.   Our long term experience of varied applications ensures that Benco adaptor plates are designed to minimise any "out of balance" forces caused by changes in the centre of gravity of loads during dismantling or building operations.

Benco Engine Stand Features

  • Weight capacity up to 25,000kg.
  • Engines can be rotated or manipulated horizontally and vertically.
  • Adjustable column stands enable jobs to be carried out at a convenient working height and maintain easy access to all aspects of the operation
  • Enables engine manufacture or repair to be faster, easier and very much safer.
  • Benco engine stands covered by an extensive guarante