Sub-Contract Services

With nearly 50 years experience in design and manufacture using in-house equipment and facilities, we would be pleased to quote for the following sub-contract services.


Turned and other machined parts in metals.


Fabrication and other engineering services for both special purpose and production quantity components.


The design and production of jigs and tools for a wide range of manufacturing requirements.


We have both design and manufacturing capabilities for special purpose machines and equipment covering a wide range of general engineering requirements.

Benco / JAP Capacity List

TURNING CNC Lathe 1 Machine Max 1525 B.C. x 300 Dia Over saddle
TURNING Centre Lathe 6 Machines Max 2000 B.C. x 300 Dia Over Saddle Swing in gap
810 x 368 Over Cross slide
Max 535 Dia Over Bed 700 Dia Faceplate
TURNING Capstan 3 Machines 50 Dia Spindle. 200 Dia Chuck
BORING Vertical 1 Machine Max 915 Dia x 550 High
MILLING 4 AXIS CNC 1 Machine Max 775 x 425 x 450 Travel
MILLING CNC 2 Machines Max 900 x 300 Table
MILLING Universal 3 Machines Max 2000 x 350 Table x 400 Under Cutter
MILLING Vertical 4 Machines Max 1200 x 300 Table
SLOTTING 1 Machine Max 450 Throat Depth x 150 Stroke
GRINDING Cylindrical 2 Machines Max 1800 B.C. x 400 Dia
GRINDING Surface 2 Machines Max 450 x 150 Table
BANDSAW Vertical 1 Machine Max 400 Throat
BANDSAW Horizontal 1 Machine Max 250 x 250
DRILL Radial 2 Machines Max 1500 Rad x 1250 High
DRILL Pillar/Bench 5 Machines Max No 3 Morse
PRESS Hydraulic 1 Machine Max 50 Tonnes
PRESS Fly 2 Machines Max 200 Throat
WELDING   Arc, Mig, Synergic Mig & Pulse Tig
Profile Max 500 x 500 x 20 Plate
SHEET METAL WORK   Aluminium & Stainless Steel a Speciality
FOLDING   Up to 2m wide x 16 SWG
CMM INSPECTION 2 Machines 900 x 600 x 450mm

At Benco we have a comprehensive range of ancillary equipment including Inspection to ISO 9002 plus Standard Sub Contract Heat Treatment, Plating etc., by local approved companies. We also have full in house CAD facilities which enable us to produce working drawings of parts or prototype machinery following initial concepts being discussed with our designers.